EDC Market

Edge Data Center (EDC) is data center which is capable of being deployed as close as possible to the edge of the network, in comparison to traditional centralized data centers. Capable of performing the same functions as centralized data centers although at smaller scale individually (50kW to 150kW)

The Opportunity

Emerging low latency and high bandwidth oriented services (e.g. OTT, Surveillance, , IoT and AI inferencing) will require Edge Data Centers (EDC). EDC Market will cross $13B by 2024 (20% CAGR)

The Challenge

EDC nontraditional locations (Factories, Cell towers, COs, Command & Control etc.) are challenged by climate profile, foot print (urban), colocation of services and need for remote management.

Our Solution

SolidFlow, based on its disruptive IP protected technology will launch its solution in 2020.

Highest Density

Supports up to 150kW.
Over 1:10 more space efficient then a typical DC

Hyper- Efficient

Reduced power consumption by over 30%!


Self-monitoring software allows EDC to be self contained


At SolidFlow, we're out to build the most modular and dense Edge Data Centers (EDC), sometime known as Micro Data centers. We are a great experienced technology team of embedded, Linux and mechanical engineers that like to bring "out of the box" solutions for the greatest challenges. We had to figure out how to compact, cool but mainly allow flexibility and remote management for EDC in various sites. We will soon be able to publish more about our product and roadmap, but if you are very curious (like us..) contact us and we might give you a glance of the future!

Rabeeh Khoury

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Atai Ziv


Kossay Omary


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